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April 2004 – Domenico Dispenza appointed as Chairman

The Shareholders’ Meeting of 27 April appoints Domenico Dispenza as Chairman. Dispenza replaces Salvatore Russo, Chairman of Snam Rete Gas since its founding.

July 2004 – Gela-Enna and Pontremoli-Parma gas pipelines


The Gela-Enna gas pipeline comes into service in July 2004 and connects the entry point from Libya (Gela) with the Italy’s gas pipeline network. In the same month the Pontremoli-Parma gas pipeline, featuring a 30 inches-diameter, also comes into service. With a length of round 70 km, the Pontremoli-Parma pipeline transports natural gas from the Panigaglia regasification terminal to the North Italian network.

December 2004 – Bordano-Flaibano, Palmi-Martirano and Campochiaro-Sulmona gas pipelines


In December 2004 the Bordano-Flaibano pipeline becomes operational, upgrading some legs of the infrastructure for Russian gas imports. The entire project, which will be completed in 2006, increases the transport capacity at the Tarvisio entry point by 35 million cubic metres/day. In the same month, some stretches of the Palmi-Martirano (43 km) and Campochiaro-Sulmona (26 km) pipelines come into service as part of the project to upgrade the gas import infrastructure from North Africa. The project - completed in 2007 - increases the transport capacity by some 25 million cubic metres/day.

July 2005 – Camisano-Zimella pipeline

In July 2005 works start for the construction, for the first time in Italy, of a pipeline with a rated diameter of 1,400 mm (56''): it is the Camisano-Zimella line, which extends into Veneto between the provinces of Vicenza and Verona.

October 2005 – Beginning of second Regulatory period, which will expire on 30 September 2009


December 2005 – Alberto Meomartini appointed as Chairman

On December 23 the Snam Rete Gas Board of Directors appoints Alberto Meomartini as Chairman.

April 2006 – Shareholders’ Meeting confirms Alberto Meomartini as Chairman

The Shareholders’ Meeting of 27 April confirms Alberto Meomartini as Chairman.

May 2006 – Carlo Malacarne appointed as Chief Executive Officer

On 8 May the Board of Directors of Snam Rete Gas appoints Carlo Malacarne as Chief Executive Officer and Francesco Iovane as General Manager, Operations.

October 2006 – Camisano-Zimella pipeline comes into service, with the largest diameter ever used to date

In October the "Camisano Vicentino-Zimella" gas pipeline comes into service. With a rated diameter of 56 inches (1,400 mm), the pipeline has the biggest diameter worldwide ever used to date. The pipe laying works also yield a bonus as they unearth important archaeological finds.

February 2007 – Results & Strategy

With the 2007-2010 Strategic Plan, Snam Rete Gas announces investments totalling 4.2 billion Euro to develop the transport system in a four-year period (+20% over the previous Plan) and with an increase in transport capacity of 20%.

February 2007 – Upgrade of compressor station in Messina completed

In the same month, works for the upgrading of the Messina compressor station end. Construction involved the installation of two turbo-compressor interconnected with the pre-existing plant already in service,  which increased the total installed power at the station from 85 MW to 145 MW.


June 2007 – Snam Rete Gas confirmed in FTSE4GoodIndex

For the sixth year in a row, Snam Rete Gas is confirmed in the FTSE4Good sustainability index. This recognition confirms the company’s commitment to social responsibility, protection of the environment and transparent dialogue with all stakeholders.

April 2007 – Publication of Sustainability Report



Following the commitment it has maintained for over a decade with its Health Safety Environment Report, Snam Rete Gas publishes its first Sustainability Report.

November 2007 – Snam Rete Gas participates in construction of the Galsi pipeline

Snam Rete Gas and the Galsi company sign a memorandum of understanding for the construction of the Italian section of the new pipeline to import gas from Algeria to Italy via Sardinia.

November 2007 – ‘Financial Statement Oscar’ Award

Snam Rete Gas is awarded a ‘Financial Statement Oscar’ as "the company is equipped with a corporate governance structure in line with international best practices, with a clear vision of the rights of persons involved in corporate life, a precise definition of roles and high quality of disclosure”, says the prize jury.

February 2008 – Results & Strategy

The company presents its 2008-2011 Strategic Plan featuring investments in infrastructure of 4.3 billion Euro which would increase the network transport capacity of approximately 25%.

October 2008

The new compressor station in Poggio Renatico, near Ferrara, comes into service. The compressor station joins the other ten stations operating across Italy and will be certified according to the UNI EN ISO 14001 standard.

February 2009 – Results & Strategy

The company presents its 2009-2012 Strategic Plan featuring investments in infrastructure of 4.3 billion Euro.

February 2009

Snam Rete Gas purchases 100% of Stogit and Italgas. A European leader in the regulated gas business is born.

June 2009

Snam Rete Gas completes the acquisition of Stogit and Italgas for a total amount of € 4,509 million. The new Snam Rete Gas Group is one of the leading integrated operators in the regulated activities of the gas sector with the largest regulated asset base (RAB) in continental Europe.

April 2010 - Shareholders’ Meeting appoints Salvatore Sardo as Chairman

The Shareholders’ Meeting of 27 April appoints Salvatore Sardo as Chairman.

April 2010 - Carlo Malacarne confirmed as Chief Executive Officer

On 30 April the Board of Directors of Snam Rete Gas confirms Carlo Malacarne as Chief Executive Officer.

Febbraio 2011 - Results & Strategy

The company presents the 2011-2014 featuring investments in infrastructure of 6.4 billion Euro over the four-year period.
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